Class Information

Essential Information

  • Bookings NOW LIVE ONLINE. Book early to secure your spot. 
  • For more information on our live online classes please email Some of the following information may not apply while our studio doors re-open. Our yoga classes in-studio are set to resume in Alert Level 2, however, online yoga classes will still continue.
  • Yoga mats and other props are provided and FREE for you to use, but you are more than welcome to bring your own.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Remove your shoes inside and place them and belongings in the cubby holes.
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable so that you can easily move in.
  • Choose a spot and relax until we start the class.
  • If this is your first class, please ensure you fill out our online waiver before arriving, and provide an emergency contact name & number, alternatively we have written copies to sign in the studio before your first class starts.
  • Notify your teacher before class if you have any injuries or health conditions.
  • If you are pregnant it is advised you inform you yoga teacher & attend Emilie’s classes as she is professionally trained.  
  • Waterholes Road is a dark road at night, so keep an eye out for our silver letter box and fairy lights on the white fence. There’s also a wooden Yoga by Karma sign at the start of the drive. Bold 804 numbers are on our silver letter box post. See map here.
  • At the end of the gravel drive follow the parking signs veering to the right and park in front of our ‘P’ signs. If the parking lot is full please veer to the left for overflow parking and park in front of the parking signs.
  • From the parking lot, follow the Yoga by Karma signs and walk down the white stone path to get to the studio.
  • Cell phone reception is not the best here. You can connect to our wifi (passwords on the cubby holes). We also have a device charging station for you to use if need be. Cell phones should be switched to silent, but if you need to take a call, please excuse yourself to the bathroom.
  • If it is raining, for your convenience, umbrellas for your use are located at the start of the white stone path in the parking lot
  • If you are new to yoga or our studio and you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What does the class involve?

Each class begins with one of our qualified, experienced and passionate teachers welcoming you in our doors. Either choose a mat or replace one with yours. Our clean props are set up at the start of class and put away for you. Once you are settled in a spot, you’re guided into becoming present and grounded to assist you with leaving your day at the door. Your teacher will direct a warm up and ease you into a class progression that follows a theme. Breath awareness will be encouraged throughout your practice. Options for postures will be demonstrated to suit the needs of each individual. Our teachers are unique and they all offer a variety of different styles of yoga, so please check out the teacher profiles for further information.

Apart from ‘courses’, the classes are repeated for 2 weeks giving you the opportunity to practise your yoga with more confidence.

To gain all the benefits yoga has to offer, it is recommended you maintain consistent and dedicated practice through regular attendance or practice at home.

Yoga Etiquette

  • Try to be punctual to each class. Arriving 5 minutes early is best. However, late comers are welcome as we understand life happens. Please walk in quietly if you are late.
  • No shoes in the studio. Socks or bare feet okay.
  • Usually no talking when class starts, however, you’re welcome to ask any burning questions.
  • Be mindful of using strong smelling deodorants and perfumes.
  • Try to stay for the guided meditation practice (Savasana) at the end of class. If you need to leave early, it is better to leave before Savasana. Please let your teacher know if you need to leave before the Savasana starts.

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