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So many options IN STUDIO or LIVE ONLINE!

We have YOGA CLASSES to suit your needs & pleased to announce we ARE NOW OFFERING CLASSES IN STUDIO & LIVE ONLINE! Live online class bookings receive video recordings available for 2 days. We are also super excited to be one of the selected few to be endorsed for The Stress Management Exercise Association Programme (SMEAEP) through Yoga. Classes can be a business expense, tax deductible & FBT exempt suitable for self-employed & employers,  read more about it here.



Level 1 (Beginners)

In studio or Live online beginners yoga classes to learn the basic foundations of yoga with focus on an inquiry into anatomical alignment in easeful postures, movement, breath, and mindfulness/meditation. Your teacher will guide your mind, body & soul giving you options that suit your needs. Class themes, content & style are repeated 2 weeks in a row, giving you the opportunity to practise your yoga with more confidence. Remember you don’t need to be flexible or strong to do yoga!!! Yoga styles will vary with each teacher. See the timetable and teacher profiles for further information. Beginners yoga courses available each term. See info below. No previous experience required. Over 16s only please.

Mixed Level (All levels welcome)

In studio or Live Online Yoga classes accessible for all levels. Teachers specifically design these classes to offer multiple modifications of postures & movement giving you the option to adapt your yoga practice to suit your needs. Combining the physicality with guidance of breath-work, mindfulness/meditation will give you the possibility to cultivate a positive physical & mental well-being. Style of yoga varies with each teacher. See the teacher profiles for further information. Class themes, content and style are repeated two weeks in a row, giving you the opportunity to practise your yoga with more confidence. Over 16s only please.

Level 2 (Advanced)

In Studio or Live Online Intermediate – Advanced Yoga Lovers…Would you like to further develop your practice in a more challenging class? You’ll dive deeper with more complex & creative asanas, transitions & flow. Along with guided awareness of pranayamas & mindfulness/meditation you will be inspired to expand your practice & understanding of yoga. You’ll build strength, flexibility & learn new skills, leaving you feeling motivated, invigorated, yet relaxed. See teacher profiles for further information regarding the style of yoga taught. Class themes, content and style are repeated two weeks in a row, giving you the opportunity to practise your yoga with more confidence. Previous experience with yoga required. Over 16s only please.

Beginners Yoga Course

Oct. 12th, 2020 – Dec. 14th 2020 (9 weeks – Labour Day off).  Mondays 6-7pm. Max. 8 in studio. Max. 6 live online.

  • In Studio bookings here. or Live Online bookings here. with individual feedback
  • Class Recordings along with yoga video tutorials available online for the duration of your course
  • Weekly Handouts & Resources Emailed
  • Access to our VIP Facebook Group with more resources
  • Opportunity to connect with other humans

For beginners (and any other yogi enthusiasts) who want to learn the basic foundations of yoga with focus on an inquiry into mindful alignment in easeful postures, incorporating movement, breath-work, and mindfulness in each class. Your qualified & passionate teacher, will guide & adapt your yoga giving you options that suit your needs. The course theme, content & style progresses over 9 weeks, giving you the opportunity to understand the benefits of each posture or flow sequence & of course the opportunity to practise your yoga with more confidence, while de-stressing & rejuvenating. 

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions. Note: Min. 5 persons in total to run the course.

Restorative Yoga

In our tranquil studio quiet your mind, calm & soothe your soul in this nourishing yoga goodness that is designed to slow you down & nurture your physical & mental wellbeing. Mats, blankets, blocks, bolsters, straps, balls & chairs are used to support your body to eliminate any unnecessary straining. This yoga practice will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed & renewed… be prepared to de-stress & float away. Definitely a favourite for our regulars! Complimentary use of all our hygienically cleaned props. Suitable for pregnant ladies. No previous experience required. 17 years or older please.

Yoga Flow

In Studio or Live Online. Flow Yoga (sometimes known as ‘Vinyasa’ or ‘Power Yoga’) is dynamic; integrating the mind, body, breath & movement through sequences and postures. Yoga flow Level 1 is designed to include first time Yogi’s who have a reasonable level of general health & would like to learn the basics. Yoga Flow Level 2 is for advanced Yogi’s. It is a unique form of moving meditation developing mental and physical strength & mindfulness. You’ll be guided through sequences and postures that suit your ability and body’s needs. After an end of practice savasana (guided meditation), you will feel rejuvenated, rebalanced & inner calmness. With consistent practice you will organically increase strength, flexibility, stamina & improve awareness of alignment. Over 16s only please.

Note: All classes will have different themes that follow various principles and practice of yoga. Styles will vary with each teacher. Apart from our ‘courses’ & restorative yoga, the classes are repeated 2 weeks in a row giving you the opportunity to practise your yoga with more confidence.

Family Yoga

Please contact to indicate your interest. 8-12 year old child + 1 participating adult. This fun, engaging & welcoming yoga class introduces children & parents/caregivers to basic yoga poses & flow sequences, with guided breathing techniques & encouraging positive social interaction. With consistent practice, participants will gradually increase flexibility, strength & coordination, as well learn self-soothing breathing & guided mindful techniques to assist with relaxation. Practising yoga can also improve self-confidence & coordination while gaining tools to find inner peace. 1-2 children/adult. Adults must be participating. Maximum 8 persons/class. Children’s passes must be purchased by an adult & booked in by contacting Karma.

Private Yoga

In Studio, Live Online or Your Location. With private yoga lessons, you’ll zero in on your goals and receive personalised instruction based on your individual needs. Either in studio, live online, or at your location private yoga instruction can help you improve the basics, or expand your yoga practice. You will receive ongoing individualised plans to assist you with incorporating yoga practices in your every day life. No experience required. Please contact for further information, bookings & pricing for ‘your location’.

Yoga for Fertility

In Studio or Your Location. COMING SOON! Please contact Karma to indicate your interest.

Cat Yoga

In studio, Next Class Sat. Oct. 31, 2020. 10-11am. Cat Yoga Pass required – $20. Book here. “Time spent with cats is never wasted” – Sigmund Freud. A unique experience to do yoga with exotic cats in this casual playful yoga class. Joining the team is Yoda, a friendly, loving, talkative Balinese cat who loves to engage with humans. Zeelu, a spotted Bengal cat who is a dude, and our newest edition, the gracious Luna, a 1 year old Sphynx who loves cuddles & will make your heart melt! Accessing your inner feline with cat like postures and flow, this fun class will energize you and soothe your heart with purrs. Kitty treats are provided to entice the cats into participating. No previous experience necessary. Children over 7 years welcome as long as they accompanied by a participating adult.

Please note: Breeds of cats are on the top of the list for ‘Hypoallergenic’ cat breeds, however, for those of you allergic to cats, I cannot guarantee you won’t have an allergic reaction. No other yoga classes are scheduled after cat yoga to ensure the studio is thoroughly aired out & cleaned top to bottom with recommended cleaning products. Please get in contact if you have a hypoallergenic kitty who also loves humans, fellow felines, and would like the opportunity to participate in cat yoga.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Please contact to indicate your interest, however, as Karma is trained, classes can be accommodated if notified prior to your scheduled class.

Yoga with Wheelchair & Buggy Access

In studio. Please contact to indicate your interest. A mixed level yoga class that is wheelchair accessible and buggy accessible. Babies are welcome to have by your side. Classes are kept to a maximum of 6 to ensure your loved one or person you care for can be right beside you while you do yoga. Please note that our bathroom facilities are currently not wheelchair accessible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have other needs.

Pregnancy Yoga

Courses starting 2021. Until then, mums can book into our casual restorative yoga classes on Fridays at 5:45pm. Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advanced & your teacher, Karma, must be notified what trimester you are currently in at time of booking. Purchases for a punchcard can be made here.

Pregnancy Courses in 2021 will INCLUDE:

    • In studio with Karma
    • Complimentary use of ALL our props
    • Class Recordings available for the duration of your 5 week block
    • Online video content library available for the duration of your 5 week block.
    • Access to our VIP Facebook Group with more resources including guided meditation specifically to pregnancy
    • Opportunity to connect with other mums to be

      This course is for women who are at any stage of their pregnancy, who want to incorporate yoga into part of their pregnancy self-care. Karma incorporates safe, mindful alignment in easeful postures for mum and baby, with movement, breath-work, and mindfulness in each class. She will compassionately guide & adapt your yoga giving you options that suit you and baby’s needs. Karma will finish her qualifications in pre-postnatal yoga and L1 Yoga for Fertility at the end of 2020. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions. 

      Mindfulness-Meditation Course

      5 Week Course. Oct. 19th-Nov. 23rd 2020. Bookings click below. $100. 

    • Live Online or In Studio with individual feedback
    • Class Recordings, & online video tutorials available for the duration of your course for both in studio or live online
    • Weekly Handouts & Resources Emailed
    • Access to our VIP Facebook Group with more resources
    • Opportunity to connect with like-minded souls.

This course is for beginners who want to learn about and practice mindfulness-meditation or anyone who wants to participate as no 2 teachers are the same. There is an emphasis on practically guiding & encouraging you to explore different techniques. This course will not only give yourself some ‘timeout’, but will give you tools to assist with bringing mindfulness-meditation practices into your daily life, which can improve your overall wellbeing. Content is based on scientific research… no fluff or religion… all evidenced-based.

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