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endorsed by exercise nz stress management programme

Work-Related Well-being Yoga Programme for Businesses.

Introducing SMEAEP – The Stress Management Exercise Association Endorsed Programme through Yoga. Your ‘well-being yoga programme’ is EXEMPT from FBT and TAX DEDUCTIBLE at YOUR BUSINESSES’ EXPENSE.

This individualised programme suits self-employed people and employers who are dedicated to improving the well-being of their employees, thereby decreasing stress, improving workplace happiness, and increasing positive engagement and productivity. This ExerciseNZ endorsed, personalised and unique yoga programme aims to alleviate work-related stress.

Why Come To Yoga by Karma For A Well-Being Yoga Programme?

Karma Rae (owner and one of the qualified REPs registered teachers at Yoga by Karma Studio) is an officially endorsed SMEAEP yoga instructor. She is currently the only one to offer this well-being yoga programme in a new purpose built retreat styled yoga studio: Yoga by Karma.

From the moment you arrive in the tranquil lush countryside surroundings, you will no doubt leave your workplace stresses at the door. Nature’s serenity outside and the ambience inside is enough to relax anyone. At the Yoga by Karma Studio you’re treated to an aesthetically peaceful yoga studio that stirs all your senses. It’s the ultimate environment to learn yoga and guided mindfulness specifically tailored to your needs and goals. Along with the opportunity to ‘escape’ workplace stress, you will acquire tools to assist with managing work-related stress on the job.

Karma, will guide you with ease through the SMEAEP requirements listed below, and ensure the yoga programme is at your pace and ability. With consistent participation you will improve your ability to manage stress out of the studio and in the workplace… inspiring you to make a life-long commitment to maintaining a HEALTHIER and HAPPIER you.

As a new purpose built yoga studio we have all the equipment you need along with special added touches… nothing is amiss, so all you need to bring is yourself and a willingness to improve your health and well-being through yoga 🙂 What a fantastic new opportunity for self-employed people and businesses to manage stress in the workplace through the proven benefits of yoga!!! 

What’s included?

An initial 30 min 1-1 face-to-face consultation with Karma including

    • Pre-screening
    • Assessment
    • Personalised recommendations of suitable yoga & guided mindfulness based on our discussion of your individual needs and goals.
    • A short ‘take-away’ written yoga programme tailored for your workplace environment (upon request).
    • Midway progress written report (upon request).
    • End of programme written report including life-long recommendations.
    • Access to most group yoga classes appropriate for your level and needs at our standard public rates (see below), 

                OR 1-1 private sessions

    OR specific employer/employee group yoga programmes arranged outside of the public class schedule.

    Note: Classes, groups, and 1-1 privates are all facilitated at the Yoga by Karma Studio, located between Prebbleton and Rolleston. Attendance records provided for you to keep to meet SMEAEP & IRD requirements.

What Price Can You Place On Your Well-Being?


  • $80 for the initial 1-1 consultation & required documentation
  • Prescription of recommended Yoga programme
  • Yoga by Karma standard package price options:
  • $245 – 15 classes punchcard
  • $485 – 30 classes punchcard
  • $930 – 60 classes punchcard (2 part payments avail.)

Note: Classes & private sessions are 1 hour long. In order to meet the SMEAEP requirements, you must attend at least 1 class or 1 private session/week. A maximum of 3 classes/week. Packages are not to be purchased online and can only be purchased once. An invoice will be sent to your business.

Businesses & Organisations With Multiple Employees:

Free consultation at your place of business to discuss options, solutions and what a well-being yoga programme can offer to reduce your employees’ stress levels at work… or a free cuppa consultation at the Yoga by Karma Studio allowing you to get a feel of the environment and understand why your employees should venture outside the workplace to effectively reduce stress levels. The packages are customised to suit the specific needs of your employees, including tailored classes set outside of the public timetable. All packages must include an initial 1-1 consultation with each individual. This can be arranged in the workplace; however, to reap all the benefits, participation of their recommended yoga programme must be at the Yoga by Karma Studio. Please get in contact with us to discuss further.

Why Am I Obliged To Invest In A Well-Being Programme?

Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, employers have an obligation to try to prevent and reduce work related harm amongst their staff. This includes mental or physical ill health due to workplace stress.

As most people are aware, exercise and lifestyle changes can play a huge role in managing debilitating stress levels. Adopting an effective programme of exercise, such as yoga, can therefore result in a win/win situation for both employees and the employer.

There are so many more benefits to practising yoga, so please feel free to visit our website for a brief outline of just some of the proven benefits.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss this programme further, or would like to meet with your SMEAEP yoga instructor (Karma) then please contact Karma Rae at or 02213karma.

To find out more about your SMEAEP endorsed yoga instructor, Karma, see her teacher profile.

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